In order to stay successful in today’s complex commercial environment it is mandatory for companies to focus on their own core business. Distraction and negligibilities slower your business processes and will cause lost competitiveness.

Our professional consulting company helps you deriving the right strategies and decisions so you can focus on your actual business. We analyze your operation‘s business processes and offer support and knowhow to jointly elaborate strategies as well as implementation concepts in all management areas and therefore facilitate your organization with secure and steady success. 

The financial services industry is going through times of unprecedented change:
• Ubiquitous regulation and compliance monitoring mandates businesses to improve their operational control.
• Ongoing commoditization of large parts of the industry forces financial institutions to increase automation and process optimization.
• Increasing competition from new entrants, Big Tech, and expansion-hungry financial powerhouses puts the spotlight on customer retention and customer acquisition.
• Result-oriented shareholders press for growth and profitability.
To thrive in this climate of challenging business conditions financial services firms need to rely on technology partners to not just deliver great technology but to add real value to FI’s business.

We at Sonata have a wealth of experience and the right software solutions to help you successfully compete in these turbulent times.


Sonata supports financial institutions (FI) globally with a wide range of operational control and analytical software solutions. With offices and affiliate partners across Europe, Asia, and the Americas we serve retail banks, corporate banks, asset managers and custodians, as well as a wide range of players in the retail payment eco-system.

Sonata's highly experienced team of business experts and consultants have proven track records in improving FI’s operational efficiency while mitigating operational risks and losses. Positioned as a service to FI’s corporate and consumer clients, our solutions can also make a positive top-line contribution by improving customer retention and unlocking incremental revenue opportunities.
Our software solutions can be deployed on-premise at our client’s site, as cloud-based services (SaaS), and in a managed services environment where the software is either run on-premise or in the cloud. We firmly believe in data security and data privacy so hosting in the FI’s country is usually the norm for us. Our world-class hosting partners guarantee highest standards in data security, accessibility, availability and uptime

We enable our customers to focus on their core business and their company objectives. In order to turn around such projects and compose solutions with the best products we are closely cooperating with leading technology providers in the industry.  

This  allows us 

• to make use of state of the art solutions for each purpose

• covering the full range of required banking services
• operating with highest efficiency and therefore lowest total cost of ownership



We specialize in improving FI’s operational efficiency across a wide range of application areas and use cases:

• Process optimization through automation of reconciliation
• Mitigation of operational risks and losses via our automated connectors and file-format normalizers
• Increased regulatory compliance with the help of our report generators
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If you want to know how we can help your business thrive please contact us! Our experienced experts look forward to speaking to you.

Our Service

We offer a wide range of services with a guaranteed visible success and positive effect to your business.
Our service offering is targeted for financial institutes and any participants in the financial industry like:

• Private, Central, Retail or Investment banks, Insurances, Corporates, Local Communities, Payment Service Providers, Information vendors, Infrastructure Providers, Networks, Custodians, Regulators, Markets/Exchanges and Brokers

We provide

• Project management

• System integration
• Consultancy and training
• Customization and change management activities
• Application monitoring & support through agreed SLAs
• Multi-lingual 24x7 Help Desk
• Regulatory support
• Application development
• Application maintenance

• On Demand service